Website Translation and Localization

World-wide businesses and consumers use the internet as a primary source for information and services. Website localization can support your company’s expansion efforts into languages and cultures different than your own.

Businesses that engage foreign markets need to communicate in the native language of their global customers, business partners, and employees. This requires clear, precise, and culturally-relevant translations of content and products. Advenio provides multilingual marketing services that resonate with your target market – wherever they happen to be.

Website localization involves more that just translation. It includes adapting your existing website’s appearance, images, graphics and tone to reflect the culture and of your target market.

Language translation and website localization are critical to successful international growth. Thirteen languages represent 80% of the world’s gross domestic product producers. These languages are:  English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic, French, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Turkish and Traditional Chinese.

Our team can help you engage potential customers in any of these target languages and will adapt your company’s message to best fit with foreign audiences. We take your content and modify it to make it relevant to your target market.

Global Snapshot Package

Many companies would like to have that kind of reach, but cannot justify the cost of their full website into each of these languages. A simple, affordable alternative is our Global Snapshot Package. Advenio will design one landing page capturing your company’s features and benefits and translate it into as many languages as you want. The pages will be optimized for keywords and languages of your choosing and will link to your main website.

Complete Website Localization Package

If your global ventures require full website adaptation, Advenio offers the Complete Website Localization Package. Advenio will replicate your site into the languages of your new market. This package includes:

      • Planning and Research
      • Translation with three layers of quality checks
      • Keyword and SEO strategies
      • Copywriting, proofreading and editing
      • Page-by-page adaptation
      • Optimization




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